Present Perfect

We use present perfect:

  • To talk about past experiences when we don't say when they happened. If we say when they happened (minutes ago, yesterday, in a date) we use the past simple.
  • To give news if something has happened recently we often use just
  • We use present perfect with yet to ask if something has happened, or to say that it hasn't happened but that it will.
  • We use the present perfect with already to say that something has happened earlier than expected.
  • To talk about situations that started in the past and have continued to the present.
    • To express a period of time we often use for or since
      • for + period of time : for two months
      • since + a time in the past : since this morning
    • We can use phrases with all to express a period of time

all my life    for all my life

all day         for all day