Body parts - Idioms

List of some idioms related to some parts of the body. A list of idioms in alphabetical order can be found following this link Idioms - alphabetical order

A safe pair of hands
Someone other people trust to do a good job.
Colleagues regard Peter as a safe pair of hands who can be relied upon to step in when required.
To bite your lip/tongue
To stop yourself from saying something.
You must bite your tongue and not tell your mother-in-law what you really think of her cooking.
To fight tooth and nail
To try very hard to overcome opposition and get something you want.
I will fight tooth and nail to prevent any scheme which threatens local livelihoods.
To have a nose for sth
To be good at finding a specific thing.
My brother has a nose for business investment, he has never lost us any money yet.
head and shoulders above
To be a lot better than other competitors.
After five years training for this event, he's head and shoulders above the competition.
To stick my neck out
To take a risk.
It may happen, but I certainly wouldn't stick my neck out and promise anything.
To lose sb head
To lose control of sb behaviour.
She lost her head and started screaming at me.