Portmanteau words

Portmanteau words are made from blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two other words. Portmanteau words adopt the meanings of both words.

These are some examples:

  1. Adware (advertising + software) - online advertisements that generate revenue.
  2. Alphanumeric (alphabetic + numeric) – consisting of letters and numbers.
  3. Biopic (biography + picture) – a biographical film.
  4. Bit (binary + digit) - basic unit of digital information.
  5. Blog (web + log) - online journal or diary (vlog is the term for “video log”).
  6. Bollywood (Bombay + Hollywood) – the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai.
  7. Botox (botulism + toxin) – an injectable drug that uses a strain of botulism to treat signs of aging on the skin.
  8. Brexit (Britain + exit) – the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union in 2020, after voting to leave in a 2016 referendum.
  9. Brunch - Breakfast and Lunch.
  10. Cosplay (costume + roleplay) – an art or practice where people dress as fictional characters.
  11. Cyborg (cybernetic + organism) – a creature with human features created using mechanical components.
  12. email (electronic + mail) – the electronic alternative to paper mail communication.
  13. Emoticon (emotion + icon) – facial expressions or emotions expressed through keyboard symbols.
  14. Frenemy (friend + enemy) – someone who acts like or pretends to be a friend despite an underlying rivalry.
  15. Fortnight (fourteen + night) – two weeks of fourteen nights.
  16. Gastropub (gastronomy + pub) – a bar that serves gourmet food.
  17. Glamping (glamorous + camping) – a style of camping that includes luxurious comforts and supplies
  18. Internet (interconnected + network) – a computer network of information.
  19. Jeggings (jeans + leggings) – leggings designed to resemble denim jeans.
  20. Labradoodle (labrador + poodle) – a hybrid dog breed with parentage from a labrador retriever and a poodle.
  21. Malware (malicious + software) - software designed to cause damage to a computer or network.
  22. Metaverse (meta + universe) – a virtual environment meant for social connection.
  23. Modem (modulator + demodulator) - device that transmits data from one computer to another.
  24. Motel - Motor and Hotel
  25. Netiquette (network + etiquette) - proper online behavior and manners.
  26. Romcom (romance + comedy) - a comedy story that has elements of a romance.
  27. Sitcom (situation + comedy) - narrative comedy story based on a specific situation.
  28. Smog - Smoke and Fog
  29. Staycation - Stay and Vacation
  30. Vlog (video + log) – a video-based diary published online.
  31. Webinar (web + seminar) – a presentation or seminar held online.
  32. Workaholic (work/alcoholic) - an individual who works excessive hours.
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