However, Whatever, Whichever, Whenever, Wherever, Whoever

However, Whatever, Whichever, Whenever, Wherever, Whoever: It doesn't matter how, what, when, etc.

Whatever you do, don't lose this key.

Please take whatever you want from the fridge if you feel hungry.
(Unknown number or ∞)

Choose whichever time suits you best then write your name against that time on the list.
(Limited number of options)

Call in whenever you like. I'm always at home.
(At any time at all that you like)

Wherever you live, you have the right to a good postal service.
(It doesn't matter where you live)

Whoever you ask, you will get the same answer: no.
(Any person you ask. It doesn't matter who you ask)

I'll chat with whomever is online.
(It doesn't matter to whom I talk)

However you try to explain it, I still can't understand it.
(Any way at all that you try to explain it ../It doesn't matter how you try)

however + adjective
However tired she was, she always managed to cook a meal.

however + adverb
He just couldn't manage, However hard he tried.

however + much /many
I'm not changing my mind, However much you ask me.
However many times you ask me, the answer will still be no.

Emphasising questions

In speaking, we stress -ever:

However will you manage to live on such a small income?
(Stronger than How will you manage ..?)

Charlie whatever are you doing?
(Stronger than What are you doing?)

Whenever are you going to stop complaining? You're getting on everyone's nerves!


Emphatic form of whatever. It is most common after a negative phrase:

He seems to have no ambitions whatsoever.
I can see no reason whatsoever why she should not attend classes.

None of whom / all of which / some of whose

We can use qualifiers like some, none and few with of whom, of which, of whose in non-defining relative clauses:

Three suspects were interviewed, all of whom were released without charge.
Carter is accused of three crimes, none of which he admits to.