Sports idioms at the Olympics

While watching the Olympics we might have heard a lot of idioms being used by both the commentators and by the competitors. Here you have some of them.

Literal meaning
Figurative meaning

down for the count
Boxing- When a fighter has been knocked out, the referee counts they are on the floor.
When a person is likely to lose a struggle or a battle.

After the hard work-out in the gym, she was down for the count

home stretch
Running in Athletics - the last section of a race track.
The last part of something difficult.

We were on the home stretch of the science project.

keep an eye on the ball
Baseball - instructions for a batter to focus on the pitch.
Instructions given to remain focused on a task.

He has to keep an eye on the ball and finish his work assignment.

the ball is in your court
Tennis - when it is a player's turn to serve.
When it is a person's turn to make a decision or move.

I can't decide that for you; the ball is in your court now.

jump the gun
Track - when a runner starts the race before the gun is shot.
When a person starts something before they should.

He really jumped the gun when he bought a new car without checking finances.

blow the competition away
All Sports - when a person or team wins easily.
When a person is better than all the other candidates.

It was clear after her interview that she had blown the competition away.

front runner
Track - the person who is in the lead.
The person who is the first choice in a competition.

She was the front runner for the manager position

neck and neck
Horse racing - when two horses are both in nearly the same position as each other.
When the competition for something is very close.

They were neck and neck in the interview process

hit below the belt
Boxing/Martial Arts - to deliver an illegal and hurtful punch.
To do something that is cruel or hurtful.

I know she really wants the promotion, but she really hit me below the belt by telling the boss about my personal problems.

throw in the towel
Boxing - when a fighter gives up on a match.
To quit or give up on a task.

He decided to throw in the towel after trying six times to convince her to come to their event.

shot in the dark
Shooting sports - an impossible shot because of the lack of light.
Take a chance when the odds of success are low.

It was a shot in the dark to ask if the famous movie star could come to their events.